108 Min.

Sprache: OmeU | Originalsprache: Hebrew

Regie: Mordechai Vardi

Besetzung: Mili Eshet, Yoav Rotman, Ilanit Ben-Yaakov, Nevo Kimchi, Haggar Arad

Feigi and Naftali are a young childless ultra-orthodox couple living with Naftali’s parents. Naftali travels to Ukraine to pray for a child during the holiday at Rabbi Nachman’s grave. During Naftali’s absence a guest is invited to stay for the holiday with the family, he introduces himself as Rabbi Eliyahu who heals infertility. When Naftali returns, the couple faces a difficult crisis, which raises fundamental questions about faith and trust. The film provides a glimpse into the complex reality of women in devout and reserved Orthodox communities.

OmU = Originalversion mit Untertiteln
OV = Originalversion ohne Untertitel
OmeU = Originalversion mit englischen Untertiteln
DF = deutschsprachige Fassung