Great Yarmouth - Provisional Figures

Great Yarmouth - Provisional Figures

113 Min. | PT, FR, GB | 2022

Sprache: OmeU | Originalsprache: Portuguese, English

October 2019, three months before Brexit, where hundreds of Portuguese migrant workers pour into Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (UK), seeking work at the local turkey factories. Tânia (The Mother of the Portuguese), who used to work in these poultry plants, has after marrying an English hotel owner, climbed the ranks and is now the facilitator for the Portuguese workers. Her dream of becoming a British citizen and leaving this dirty business behind is threatened by the arrival of the latest group of immigrants, which unleashes a series of events that disrupts her volatile existence.

Portuguese Cinema Days 2023 · 11. November until 10. December


OmU = Originalversion mit Untertiteln
OV = Originalversion ohne Untertitel
OmeU = Originalversion mit englischen Untertiteln
DF = deutschsprachige Fassung