FFFB · In Case You’re Still Around

FFFB · In Case You’re Still Around

75 Min. | US | 2022

Sprache: OmeU | Originalsprache: Hebrew, Russian

Regie: Dasha Bough

Not everyone has time to die, Yaeli had.

That time she used to dive headfirst into the depths of the soul, and take a long clear look at life and parting from it. She bequeathed this sober look to Mia and Rani, her daughter and her partner, who continue their lives after her.

+ Short Film: Now I Am Old and Do Not Need the Moon


Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin 2023 October 4 – 8

OmU = Originalversion mit Untertiteln
OV = Originalversion ohne Untertitel
OmeU = Originalversion mit englischen Untertiteln
DF = deutschsprachige Fassung