NewGen Shorts · Friday Fantasia

102 Min.

Sprache: OmeU, sonstige | Originalsprache: Chinese, Minnanese

all films with English & Chinese subtitles

As the night falls and the curtains rise, this program invites you to step into a world of fantasy and mystery. HOURGLASS HOUSE shows the connection between the past and the present self in a surreal way; NIGHT CARNIVAL portrays the infinite reincarnation of human beings in the abyss of desire; PICNIC AREA is a romantic thriller about the discovering of evil self, KOWLOON EMPEROR recreates the splendor of Hong Kong’s horror comedy of the last century; and REST IN PEACE probes into the traditional funerary culture of southern China.


OmU = Originalversion mit Untertiteln
OV = Originalversion ohne Untertitel
OmeU = Originalversion mit englischen Untertiteln
DF = deutschsprachige Fassung