Suzanne Daveau

Suzanne Daveau

119 Min. | PT | 2019

Sprache: OmeU

Regie: Luísa Homem

Suzanne Daveau is a film about passion.

Passion as the driver of life, a gesture, a breath. The film sketches the passionate life story of the geographer Suzanne Daveau. Through her memories, we wander around numerous territories and historical contexts, between the beginning of the 20th century and the present. In four chapters, the film draws the portrait of an adventurous, unique and timeless woman.


Portuguese Cinema Days 2023 · 11. November until 10. December


OmU = Originalversion mit Untertiteln
OV = Originalversion ohne Untertitel
OmeU = Originalversion mit englischen Untertiteln
DF = deutschsprachige Fassung