Berlin Revolution Film Festival

Berlin Revolution Film Festival

Language: sonstige | Original language: diverse

Berlin Revolution Film Festival promotes and celebrates arthouse and independent films from all around the world.
Our 7
th edition is at the doorstep and for it we prepared a weekend of daring and uncompromising creations, coming from different backgrounds, cultures and regions. The program includes both short and feature films, coming from countries such as Estonia, Greece,  Iran, Serbia, Colombia and more. Having such a colorful background, these projects share one thing in common though: in the time of mass production, consumerism and sequels, they remind us of what personal voice means and offer unconventional instead of pleasing, profound instead of entertaining, provocative but not vulgar and invite the audience to accompany them on a journey that would require all their attention and devotion, that definitely won’t remain unrewarded. The 7th edition of Berlin Revolution Film Festival takes place on 21-22 October in cinema Moviemento, Kreuzberg.


Berlin Revolution Film Festival 21.-22. October

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OmU = Original version with German subtitles
OV = Original version without subtitles
OmeU = Original version with English subtitles
DF = in German language