Moviemento is a legend. Who hasn’t fallen in love here, argued over movies, or experienced unforgettable moments? It is a place for controversial movies and conversations, numerous festivals and premieres, children’s movies, school cinema, film education and the first movie theater experience.

The cinema at Kottbusser Damm 22 has existed since 1907. There have been many cinema names (including Kinematographentheater, Hohenstauffenlichtspiele, Tali & Moviemento since the 1980s) and famous employees and this cinema has been a cult classic since at least the 1970s. At that time, »The Rocky Horror Picture Show« became a classic here and Blixa Bargeld and Wieland Speck worked at the ticket booth.

In the foyer of the Moviemento, the X-Filme company was founded in the 1990s, and Tom Tykwer had his improvised production office here while he was responsible for the cinema’s program and film screening. In the 2000s, Peter Baumann, a future winner of the Student Academy Awards, was one of the employees. Even today, those who buy a ticket have a good chance of acquiring it from a future star of the art and film scene, such as Shiri Faingold, whose experimental short film premiered at her cinema after being produced at the UdK. For many young filmmakers, the Moviemento is a stepping stone, the first opportunity to present their film to a broad audience. »Die tödliche Maria« by Tom Tykwer, »Du mich auch« by Dani Levy, »Berlin Hasenheide« by Nana Rebhan, »Polska Love Serenade« by Monika Anna Wojtyllo, and »Yung« by Henning Gronkowski are just a few examples. The Moviemento regularly receives awards for its outstanding cinema program from the federal and state governments of Berlin.


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